Read About Our Organization

SAHEE is a non-profit public service organization which has been working in the field of social betterment since 1996. Some of its important activities have been:-

1. Prisoner rehabilitation: Delivering the Criminon 4-step Program at the Karachi Central Jail since March 2007; almost 1,500 prisoners have completely or partially done the program. Currently, SAHEE trainers are also training recruits at the Sindh Prison Staff Training Institute, Nara, Hyderabad; 3 batches of about 130 per batch have already been trained. Criminon courses have also been started in Women Jail, Karachi, Children Remand Home, Karachi, and Youthful Offenders Industrial School (Juvenile Jail), Karachi.
2. Drug awareness lectures: 25,000 school/college students given interactive lectures, in collaboration with ANF (Anti-Narcotics Force), in 2002-2004.
3. Teacher training: Trained about 500 teachers of various institutions in different parts of the country (some with its sister organization, The Lexicon)
4. Seminars on Values & Ethics: Delivered 4-hour inter-active seminars on Values & Ethics based on the 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness booklet, to over 16,000 trainees of Sindh Police, who strongly endorsed this work in writing, and said that such seminars must be conducted at every level, and throughout Sindh, given the breakdown in the moral fabric of our society.